Late Fall Transitional Program

Building on prior years' success, we are once again proud to offer the late Fall Transitional Training program for our Travel soccer players.

This optional, registration based program will consist of six, 90-minute sessions at Southside Field to be run on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  The program will begin the week of December 5th, and run for three weeks with an additional fourth week reserved for any make-up sessions if canceled due to weather.

The program will be structured as follows:

U9/U10: A play based program geared to allow players to wind down after their competitive season.

U11/U12/U13/U14: A program that focuses on plyometrics and resistance training to help rebuild muscles after a heavy season, with soccer activities integrated within.

U15+: A reintroduction to Club soccer after the High School season. Players will participate in trainer led sessions focused on technique in a heavily possession based setting. There will be a plyometric and resistance component to ensure players do not suffer injury following a heavy Fall season.

Please note that these are not team based sessions, and the players will be grouped at the Director of Coaching's discretion based on a number of factors.  Players may be grouped with older or younger players, which is no way a reflection on the level of that player, but rather how that player would benefit most from a specific group's scheduled work.

Cost: $125 per player.  Registration is available until November 30th.


Questions? Email Andy Pearce, Director of Coaching, at