SPF Soccer Club - COVID-19 Protocol

Updated 5/20/2021

To ensure the health and safety of all players, coaches, spectators and guests, we ask everyone to read and follow our updated COVID-19 protocol. The success of this protocol relies on the cooperation of everyone in our SPF Soccer community – we need you to be responsible members of the community by monitoring and checking your child’s symptoms and attend events only when everyone is healthy (players and spectators).

Before continuing, please read and abide by New Jersey's COVID-19 Executive Order: New Jersey COVID-19 Executive Order

Travel advisory

As of May 17, 2021, New Jersey's travel advisory is no longer in effect. For details, especially on trips outside the US), please refer to the updated travel and transportation guidelines here.


Spectators, players, parent coaches and trainers are no longer required to wear masks when attending soccer practices and games.