SPF Soccer Club - COVID-19 Protocol

Updated 2/25/2021

To ensure the health and safety of all players, coaches, spectators and guests, we ask everyone to read and follow our updated COVID-19 protocol. The success of this protocol relies on the cooperation of everyone in our SPF Soccer community – we need you to be responsible members of the community by monitoring and checking your child’s symptoms and attend events only when everyone is healthy (players and spectators).

Before continuing, please read and abide by New Jersey's COVID-19 Executive Order: New Jersey COVID-19 Executive Order

Additionally, please note that, in accordance with NJ guidelines and CDC guidance, SPFSC also requires anyone returning from non-exempt, out-of-state travel or international travel to self isolate for 10 days from the date of return to the State of New Jersey before returning to any SPFSC in person events.


1)     We ask all participants (players/coaches/parents/volunteers) to bring their own sanitizers to ALL events and practice social distancing at all times  

  1. a)     SPF Soccer is going to provide additional disinfectant and sanitizers at each location

2)     Face Masks have to be worn from arrival to departure (when social distancing {6ft+} is not possible) on site (incl. parking lots, bleachers, on field). Only players on the field are exempt from this.

3)     Arriving coaches have to disinfect equipment BEFORE each game / event

4)     Please follow the signage and verbal instructions at all locations/events.

5)     In accordance with NJ state regulations (version: 2/22/2021), we allow a maximum of 2 parents/guardians per player for all competitions and practices.  


1)     Trainers/Coaches will wear masks to and from the field

  1. a)     When on the field, masks are required when social distancing cannot be guaranteed
  2. b)     When on the sideline, coaches must wear a mask when interacting with players/officials/opposing coaches and staff

2)     Team Seating

  1. a)     Players should be 6 feet apart on the sidelines
  2. b)     Benches are not permitted, unless disinfected beforehand (responsibility of the coach/team arriving, not the coach/team leaving)

3)     Equipment

  1. a)     Players should not collect any equipment – cones, goals, balls, etc
  2. b)     Each player will receive a personal pinnie, which has to be brought to each practice and game
  3. c)     Trainers/coaches will provide balls

4)     Warm-ups to take place only in designated areas

5)     No post-game handshakes or high-fives are allowed.  Additionally, there can be no post-game snacks/drinks. All teams should leave the field as quickly as possible upon completion of the game to ensure a smooth transition between games/practices (SPF Soccer plans to build in time buffers to avoid crowds at entry and exit points).

6)     There will be no Lost & Found; all items left on the field will be disposed of after the events




1)     In accordance with NJ state regulations (version: 2/22/2021), we allow a maximum of 2 parents/guardians per player for all competitions and practices.  


Visiting teams and spectators / away games


  • The rules and precautions outlined in this protocol apply to all visiting teams and spectators for Senior Rec and Travel games.


  • If you’re an SPF Soccer family traveling to away games, please make yourself familiar with the rules by the hosting town/soccer organization.