Southside Field Safety - Goal Storage

Southside Field is located at 1910 Raritan Rd, Scotch Plains. The field is made of turf and is managed by the Scotch Plains Parks and Recreation Department.  It allows for one full sided game (11v11), or two simultaneous small sided (7v7) games.   SPF Soccer tries to utilize this field to the maximum capacity of the time it is permitted for the Club to use.

Please remember that safety is everyone's responsibility.  In order to ensure the safety of the players, when an 11v11 games is being played, we ask the coaches and referees to ensure the following precautionary measures are taken with regard to the non-used goals located on the field.  There are 8 non-full sided goals on Southside, and the following guidelines pertain to all of them:

  • All goals that are not being used (8 in total) should be moved to the designated areas on the player's sideline, which is nearest to Martine Avenue, and on the opposite side of field from the playground and the bleachers.
  • Placing the goals on the Martine Avenue side allows them to be stored a safe distance away from the field of play.
  • The goals must remain in the designated areas, marked in orange, for the duration of the game.  If all 8 goals are not located in the marked storage area, the game should not be played.

We thank you for you time and consideration of this important safety concern.

SPFSC Executive Committee