Volunteers Needed to Help Paint Lines on Our Soccer Fields

Scotch Plains-Fanwood Soccer Club is privileged to have some of the best soccer fields in the area thanks to the towns of Scotch Plains and Fanwood and the SPF Board of Education. However, while the towns provide us with great fields and facilities, it is up to our SPFSC volunteers to make sure these fields are ready to go each week to support more than 2,000 players per weekend who participate in SPFSC events.

For the Fall 2018 Season, SPFSC was lucky to have a dedicated group of volunteers.  Their very important role is to repaint the lines on their assigned field each and every week of the season.   When you see these folks on the street, let them know how much you appreciate their work.

Field Preparation Events (Just Before the Fall and Spring Seasons)

In order to prepare for each season, the SPFSC Vice President of Operations organizes a special opportunity for those who are interested in volunteering to be part of our field crew or just want to pitch in on this initial lining day.  On two separate designated days before the season starts, the SPFSC gathers 20+ volunteers (per day) to measure and line all the fields that will be used for that season.  This initial lining takes extra volunteers as each field has to be carefully measured, staked, and lined, so extra volunteers help to make it go smoothly.

"If you have never done it before, the lining of the fields is a 'soccer spiritual experience!' says SPFSC President Andrew Bondarowicz. "It is when a grassy area becomes a soccer field and our volunteers who love doing it week after week can attest to that special feeling you get when you can look out over the field and know the 'beautiful game' will be played there just a few hours later."

Who:  Parents, grandparents, older siblings, SPF Soccer players over 13. Must be able to follow directions and walk several soccer fields.

What:  Help measure and line some of the town’s 16+ soccer fields for the fall season.

Where:  The meeting location is communication about a week before the event.  Once the fields are completed, we'll all meet at Darby Road to enjoy a courtesy lunch.

When: The Date and Time of these events will be communicated before the event.

Why:  Because it feels good to give back to the SPF community! Because it's SOCCER! Because the exercise is good for you! Because this skill would count towards community service hours! Because we need your help! Because we'll offer you FREE Darby Road Wings!

If you'd like to be put on the list for the next field lining event, please contact Frank Conley today: FrankConley4@Gmail.com

We hope you will step up for these events. We need your help!


2021 Spring Season Field Liners: