The Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) training provided by Foundation Fitness will help players improve their reaction time and awareness on the field.  The sessions will focus on teaching players how to control their center of gravity and improve their dynamic balance which is defined as “The ability to anticipate and react to changes in balance as the body moves through space.”   This is critical to a player’s ability to react to the environment around him/her.  For our purposes, that environment is a highly competitive soccer match.  Specific training activities will hone in on a player’s ability to Decelerate (slow our body down), Stabilize (control our center of gravity) and Accelerate (move as quickly as possible into new space).  In most cases, these 3 things should happen in less than a second.  The more efficiently players can learn to master all 3 tasks, the quicker and more effective they will be on the field.


1st through 9th grade


1:30pm – 2:30pm each day

Teachers convention
- Thursday, November 7th
- Friday, November 8th


Ponderosa Park 1600 Cooper Road, Scotch Plains


$40 for both days; $25 per day

All players should bring:
- Cleats
- Shin guards
- Lots of water